Wednesday, April 16, 2008

SOUND OFF! Praises, complaints, questions, or any topic you wish to discuss on!

One major purpose of this blog is to allow YOU, and all users of the site, an EASY way to communicate directly with us!

The above graphic reminds you of our FREE 1-877-88-iBFAC number where you can speak to a representative or leave a message to be called back concerning a specific issue.

Also, we have posted email links to all of our major departments on the right side of this blog. So feel free to email any of these links at any time for your specific questions.

Finally, we would like to start a monthly trend of posting this title (SOUND OFF! Praises, complaints, questions, or any topic you wish to discuss on!), so that you can post comments and know we see them along with others who may also wish to add to your comments.

Again, our goal is creating a Christ-Centered Commerce Community where Christians can support Christians AND their local churches! We must be open to each other, and we value your input and honest dialog.

We DO moderate comments simply in an effort to reduce spam postings, and also to prevent profanity and other unacceptable language from being a part of our site. We DO NOT block critical postings, as long as they are not profane, sexually-oriented, hate-filled, etc. We WANT your HONESTY as we build the site God laid upon the hearts of the founders!

God bless and have a great day!


Anonymous said...

COMPLAINT! Where have you been for so long? WOW! Great, GREAT IDEA! I look forward to using you in the future!

Anonymous said...

I believe that if Jesus would come back today, he would be very sad to see what type of organizations have been established in his name!