Friday, April 18, 2008

History 101: Evolution of's Logo!

Below you can see some of the originally submitted designs for the and Buy From A Christian, LLC logos. The evolution is dramatic, as you can see from the designs submitted by our design company in late 2006.

As with the God-inspired vision of the website to the founders, it was actually designed after a "God moment" by one of the founders running on the treadmill. During a run, and thinking that nothing was catching the "essence" of the idea, one of the founders remembers "Stopping all at once to draw the picture you see below. Truly, God placed this logo on my heart."

The logo is simple, yet symbolic. The globe represents the world-- the ultimate reach of The superimposed cross signifies the Christian faith of the whole world. And at the foot of the cross is a multiracial handshake signifying a business transaction between two Christians at the foot of the cross-- a POWERFUL image. was started to become a Christ-Centered Commerce Community where Christians could support Christians AND their local churches.

The final logo design was simple and elegant, with the above symbolic picture as described above.

God has truly shaped every aspect of this company! It was His idea, and He is the owner, president, and CEO! We are all thankful to be a part of a website that is unlike ANY other site on the internet! And all who come to the site will realize that the powerful cross sits on top of everything we do!

God bless and have a great day!

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