Tuesday, April 15, 2008

History 101: Evolution of BuyFromAChristian.com's Homepage Design!

Hello all!

We just wanted to share with you the various looks of bfac.com's homepage. The vision for the company started in 1996 and it launched on February 15, 2007. Right now we are working on a bfac.com 5.0 (scheduled launch May 2012).

It is always good to remember where you came from...

The initial design as evidenced by the God-inspired idea as drawn by one of the founders on the legal pad back in 1996. You can view that design below:

Initial BuyFromAChristian homepage designs (3 versions):

Initial design option #1:

Initial design option #2:

Initial design option #3:

Live v1.0 released February 15, 2007:

Live v2.0 released August 15, 2007:

bfac v3.0 Launched in May 2008:

bfac 4.0 Launched in Nov. 2010

The all new 5.0 is set to launch in May 2012!

We thank our OUTSTANDING graphical design team who has helped make bfac.com a very attractive and visually pleasing website!

God bless their efforts!

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